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    That raises a number of issues. Hopefully I can explain, but it requires some thought about GEDCOM structure. I strongly recommend you keep a copy handy ( as it contains the answers to most questions like this.

    1 – In aldfaer names are recorded using the simple GEDCOM format:

    1 NAME Jan Willem /Meijberg/
    2 NICK Wim

    2 – In kiwitrees we also record separately the various name parts, and we construct the NAME from those at the same time. This provides greater flexibility for display etc.

    1 NAME Jan Willem /Meijberg/
    2 GIVN Jan Willem
    2 SURN Meijberg
    2 NICK Wim

    But the display for both versions of these is the same:
    Name: Jan Willem “Wim” Meijberg

    (Note – if you edit the aldfaer imported name, the GIVN and SURN parts will be created on ‘save’, even if you make no actual changes to the name(s).

    3 – For a nick name to show up in the manner above (in quotes like “Wim”) then it needs to be either:
    a) in the NICK field, or
    b) in the NAME field enclosed within quote marks.
    AND it must not exactly match any part of the NAME or GIVN names (unless in quotes).

    So I8071 has a couple of issues. The GEDCOM data looks like this:

    1 NAME Dirk Jan Willem /Meijberg/
    2 NICK Jan Willem

    The NAME tag does NOT include a nickname, because nothing is enclosed by quotes.
    The NICK tag is ignored because it exactly matches part of the given name, so does not really appear to be a true nickname.

    The same applies to I7939
    It does not apply to your own record because your nickname is recorded in the NICK field and it does NOT appear in the NAME field.

    Further information:
    Kiwitrees also allows for an indication of a “preferred name” created by adding an asterix after one part of a given name to indicate that this is the usual or preferred name. For example, my mother was registered as Barbara Joyce Osborne, but always called “Joyce”. But, for complexity, some of her schools friends also called her “Babs”. So her GEDCOM looks like this:

    1 NAME Barbara Joyce* /Waghorn/
    2 GIVN Barbara Joyce*
    2 SURN Waghorn
    2 NICK Babs

    That all displays like this:
    Name: Barbara Joyce “Babs” Waghorn

    Using “also known as” (GEDCOM tags _AKA or _AKAN)
    These are technically not true GEDCOM options, which is why they are pre-fixed with “_”. But they are commonly used and therefore accepted by kiwitrees. I would only use them when someone is known by a completely different name for some reason. i.e John SMITH, also known as :Frederick BROWN”. When you enter it in the field you need to enter the complete name, including the surname enclosed in “/…/” (Frederick /Brown/)

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