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    On the familie tab there is the option to re-order children.
    In the translation files it is Re-order children, but it is shown as Re-Order Children,every word with a capital.
    If you click the option, the page Re-order children is opened.(Just one capital). I thought the translation files were case sensitive?

    In the translation files there is also Re-order families, but I couldn’t find this line on the family tab or family page. Could be the same as re-order children.

    You do ask some interesting (but very good) questions 🙂

    The issue here is a cross-over between translations and css. The original text, used of translations, is “Re-order children” and “Re-order families”. But yes, translations do require exact matches (case sensitive, format sensitive, space sensitive, etc….)
    But there is a complication. In the past there has been an attempt to standardise words and phrases for two reasons:
    1 – not all languages / cultures use capitals in the same way
    2 – Some words and phrases are used in different places across the system. Sometimes at the start of a sentence, sometimes in the middle, sometimes stand-alone.

    So a decision was made (before kiwitrees, and without any opportunity for debate) to standardise (almost) entirely on lower case for labels. The result is often like this:


    In kiwitrees I have tried to compensate for that result by using the css “text-transform: capitalize;” function. I think it is an improvement, but happy to hear alternative views. It makes the same look like this:


    The main problem with css is that it is not possible to create “sentence case” (Re-order children) only full capitalisation of all words, or not.

    Re-order media has a line on the page with explanation:Click a row, then drag-and-drop to re-order media
    Maybe add this to the pages re-order children and re-order families?

    Agreed. Done. I have also done the same for the “Re-order families” option.

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