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    I’ll gladly look, because I can sympathise with the question. I’ve fleetingly asked myself the same occasionally.

    But my first guess is that it is probably not possible, which will explain why it has never been included (not since PGV was first introduced).

    When you add a wife from an individual’s edit menu you are adding her to the individual, and creating a new family record. So there is a name of the husband immediately accessible.

    When you add a wife from the Families tab, you are adding a new wife to an existing family record, and family records only contain cross-references linking them to individuals. The FAM record itself doesn’t have any names included in it, so one might not be easily available to read.

    If you visit that family’s “Family” page (not the “Families” tab) and click one of the “Add new” icons on the empty female spouse boxes you will see they same thing happens there, for the same reason.

    But I’ll get back to you later this week with a definitive answer. I’ll gladly do it if I can.

    ps – my own “solution” is a two-pronged approach, probably similar to many others:

    1. Try to remember to add the married name as soon as the spouse has been created, then as a back-stop
    2. Run the Batch update tool “Add missing married names” roughly once every month to pick up the ones I missed originally.
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