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    Wow! That’s an interesting one. Investigating I can see it has actually been “broken” since August 2013 – before kiwitrees moved away from webtrees! Just shows how a) long-term users (including me) don’t look at features they don’t use; and b) how few new users actually do as you are and try out all the options! I wish more did the same.

    I have fixed this (attached is replacement for the file kiwitrees/admin_trees_config.php for anyone who wants it), but the reason for it happening is worth considering. (Wim – I’ve already uploaded this replacement onto your site for you).

    The error was caused by a decision (in webtrees) to remove the feature, but the job was not done properly at the time and that was just when we split away. Webtrees has since completely removed it, but kiwitrees retained the structure to use it, without the ability to set it. So fixing it was easy. But I wonder if, especially since no-one seems to have noticed the issue for three years if we should also remove the structure that uses it, and (slightly) simplify the code?

    Any opinions from anyone???

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