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    And the problem is back again!

    That’s a relief! ๐Ÿ™‚ After reading your previous reply late last night I’ve been trying to imagine how the kiwitrees cache could have anything to do with images. I’m certain it’s not used for any aspect of image displays.

    From the about 900 jpg files are about 125 files with bitsize 24, all the others are 8.
    Bitsize 8 largest dimension 640ร—640=3276800
    Bitsize 24 largest dimension 640ร—510=7833600
    Largest filesize jpg is 25 kb

    They are all reasonable and not likely to cause an issue.

    Is it the amount of calculations?

    That’s a possibility, but it shouldn’t be. Thumbnails should only be created as they are required, and only once, when the image is first viewed. After, the thumbnail is used form the stored copy.

    Or are files like wmv or pdf causing the problems?

    Again, possible, but unlikely. They don’t / can’t have thumbnails automatically created, and the code knows that so doesn’t try.

    I think I will need to have a browse through your server files, logs etc to see if I can spot anything that might be the cause. Can you send me access details?

    My personal kiwitrees site is