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    Wouldn’t a designated small tablet and smartphone theme be better than messing with all the themes and the program in general?

    Unfortunately no. The work required would be pretty much the same. I guess the ideal would be the sort of approach that use, which is to create a completely separate phone app. This accesses the same database, but everything else is unique. But I don’t have the knowledge, time or inclination to go that far.

    The main issue with getting kiwitrees to work “acceptably” on small devices is that huge amounts of it are styled (in the code, not css) to use fixed size tables. If I can change more of these to use more fluid designs, as I have with the edit screens, then making pages “responsive” to screen size becomes far easier.

    But I agree 100% that this MUST NOT be to the detriment of other / desktop users. The desktop will, I believe, remain the most logical device for editing / maintaining data in kiwitrees. Smaller devices can however be OK for reading, albeit inevitably with a reduced set of content / pages.

    Please accept my assurance that kiwitrees will not become less usable for everyone not using small devices. If anyone feels I am at any time heading in that direction please tell me. It will not be deliberate 🙂

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