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    “cannot allocate memory”

    Ok, that’s not an uncommon problem when trying to create thumbnails. It might be compounded by the number you need to do.

    It usually means your server doesn’t have enough memory to create a thumbnail of one or more images. But which ones can be hard to identify. You are NOT looking for large file sizes, especially not among jpegs. The process of creating a thumbnail requires the server to store in memory the FULL ORIGINAL size of the image, as it exists without jpeg compression. You can calculate that from the pixel dimensions (width x height) x bit size (often 8 bit or more). So a compressed file that appears as (say) 500kb might expand in memory to 20 or mor MB. So the problem image(s) will have large dimensions and probably be high resolution colour.

    I would suggest look in your media folder and isolate the ones that exist in full size, but without a matching thumbnail. It must be one or more of those.

    Then for each either create and ftp your own thumbnail, or reprocess the image to a smaller size.

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