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    Wim, some interesting questions, with a mix of different but related answers.

    1 – Missing translations.

    “Reset” and “Details”. Both of these ARE translated in the Dutch language file. But it seems perhaps not correctly. They are both ‘translated’ into the English equivalent. It seems to have been deliberate by someone (could have been years ago) as “Show details” has also been translated as “Toon details” !! See image:


    In that image I have also pointed to (see arrow and red rectangle) where in Transifex you can search for the term.
    Also note that there are currently two translations for “Reset”. They are for “Reset” and “reset”. In the next release there will only be “reset”.

    “from 1840 to 1860”. My fault. I forgot to make these words translatable. Now fixed. Will be included in next release.

    2 – Errors related to the “popup calendar”
    This is not working. I thought I had fixed it in this release, but clearly not. I will try to resolve the issues for the next release.

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