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    Transformation options is only for UPPER, lower or Capitilize every word

    Yes, with one important proviso. The transformations you refer to are css, and therefore applied within a specific html tag. In your example all words in the paragraph are capitalised, so it is likely they are contained within their own html tag, perhaps a div, p, or span. This is not uncommon when you copy / paste from a web site.

    I would need to see the actual source code as it currently exists on your site to fully understand what is happening here though and how best to prevent it, if possible. Can you tell me where to find it, and if part of a private record let me have a login to view it?

    My major concern here is not the look of it, but that we “should” be stripping all html tags from any text entered into a source, note, Cincinnati citation, etc; and also which css style from the theme this is coincidentally picking up.

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