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    I often wonder if Google tailors the results according to your personal search patterns. I did the same search and here are my results.

    Yes, they most definitely do. They never say exactly how, but certainly based on your location, and past searching history no doubt. My result is closer to yours, but still different. For me Mac’s link is in 7th place.

    I have on my to-do list writing an FAQ with some basics about Search Engine Optimisation in kiwitrees. It is valuable to think about the issues, whether you want to enhance / encourage search engines or to limit and restrict their visits. Both can benefit from some careful adjustments to all sorts of things. Also important to remember that Google (and probably any other search engine) constantly shift the goal posts, so you ignore any web advice you read about SEO older than a few months!

    And totally ignore offers from all sorts of “experts” to improve your site’s SEO ranking!! They are universally over-priced and often result in the opposite effect as they tend to use methods Google now treats as “unacceptable”.

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