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    Thanks Nigel.

    {I would recommend you now re-run the tool. It “should” run quickly}

    Done – it ran quickly and correctly and found nothing to change and

    {… master GEDCOM is the one of the server and I back it up regularly but never replace it ….“. I may be misunderstanding your words …. “}

    You DID misunderstand – because my words were misleading. To be more precise, my regular backup process includes a GEDCOM EXPORT (from Admin-Manage Family Trees) to the data folder, from where I download to my PC, then delete from the data folder. I also backup the database (OK belt-and-braces but it can be useful to have a current GEDCOM on the PC).

    {try running the new(ish) tool “Sanity check” }

    Did that. It found a couple of duplicate death entries – which I have corrected.

    {As it seems to have done no harm I think we’ll have to leave this one alone.}

    Fully agreed – thanks and apologies for having taken up time over an inadvertently generated glitch.
    Just one point that it highlighted though which may be worth thinking about modifying when convenient. The fact that the batch update is triggered not by a positive ‘start button’ but by the action of selecting one of several items in the drop-down list, with no opportunity to check and confirm that the selected item is the intended choice – which I think is the more normal approach?

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