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    That is puzzling, but thanks for doing all those checks. Nothing particularly untoward there.
    My best guess is a “glitch” caused by an expired session time related to both the number of changes required (as this was the first time for running this tool) and your intervening phone call. It is a bug of sorts, but I can’t even begin to imagine a process that would allow me to reproduce it sufficiently to investigate. As it seems to have done no harm I think we’ll have to leave this one alone.

    A couple of points though:

    1. I would recommend you now re-run the tool. It “should” run quickly and tell you there was nothing to change. If it does run then a) you know yesterday’s attempt didn’t fully complete, and b) it will now.
    2. In your point 2 above you said “I was not re-importing my GEDCOM – in fact I haven’t done that for years; the master GEDCOM is the one of the server and I back it up regularly but never replace it and have never (so far) had to restore a back up.“. I may be misunderstanding your words, but it sounds as if you might be under a slight misapprehension that could cause concern should you ever need that backup. To clarify – if you are referring to a GEDCOM file on your server (in the /data/ folder) then that is exactly the one you originally imported your data from. Kiwitrees never updates that file again. So you most certainly can NOT rely on that as a backup. My recommendation is in fact to always delete that file from your server once the import is finished as a) it serves no useful purpose being there, and b) could (remote possibility) be a security risk if left there.
      For back up purposes either back up your database (from which you can regenerate a GEDCOM file at any time), or periodically export your data to a fresh GEDCOM file and immediately move that to your local PC or other external backup location, or even do both.
    3. Regarding the original error message about duplicates, try running the new(ish) tool “Sanity check” (Administration > Family tree tools > Sanity check”) Tick “Death” under “Duplicated data” then click “Sanity check” and see if there are found, just in case, and tidy them up.
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