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    I have overwritten my config.ini.php in the last update. I am searching for a backup but having problems. Is there another way to reset this file?

    Yes, very simple, but it assumes you know what it should contain.

    Just delete that file, and run setup.php. (just add that file name to the end of your URL in your browser). The process is the same as creating a fresh installation, but just use the exact same database details as before. The code will not over-write your existing database. It first checks to see if any or all tables exist, and if they do it uses them.

    If you are not feeling confident in that approach, take a full backup of your database first just in case.

    But how did you over-write the file during an update? Kiwtrees does not contain that file it is only ever created by the setup process, so no update done normally will ever damage, over-write or otherwise delete that file. Is there something you did that I might be able code a way to prevent others doing or at least warning against it?

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