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    Note, the terminology on the Admin panel “merge”.

    Please show me where you are seeing that, as I don’t see it on mine and the word “merge” should not be there. It is ONLY an append process.

    So the answer to your question

    If the source pre-exists, say as S1 do I merge S983 into S1 after the append? What happens when the father/mother is already online? My offline numbers for them are identical to those online. It’s imperative to me they remain that way.

    is as described in my previous post. They will be duplicated in the new tree and you must manually merge them one at a time, using Administration > Family trees > Merge records. It doesn’t matter to kiwitrees which one you retain. You can choose in the merge process.

    Not sure about the other few.

    Use the recommended check process of comparing the count of records. If it isn’t a 100% match it has failed and must be run again. If it keeps failing, send me both GEDCOM files so I can test and identify if the fault is the data or the code. The comparison of record counts must be between the two trees as they exist in kiwitrees, not between kiwitrees and any other software.

    I do have export backups but …….

    I STILL recommend you ALWAYS run an export immediately prior to using append and / or renumber. It’s just good / best practice and safer.

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