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    I think the answers to your other questions lie in remembering what APPEND is. It really is exactly that – apart from ensuring all XREFs are unique it simply sticks the data from new file on the end of the old data for each record type. Absolutely no attempt at merging is done. So if each file has a reference to the same source, then the new larger file will have that source included twice. Same applies to all the XREF types. .

    I do have export backups but these 70 people never existed, I just discovered I missed entering them long ago both offline and online. I don’t open the GEDCOM online into Reunion. It’s possible the latest version is better handling GEDCOM but the developer’s priority was ease of use, not full compliance plus it does reports that I use a lot.

    APPEND is exactly what I set out to do. If the source pre-exists, say as S1 do I merge S983 into S1 after the append? What happens when the father/mother is already online? My offline numbers for them are identical to those online. It’s imperative to me they remain that way.

    Note, the terminology on the Admin panel “merge”.

    I found out why it wasn’t 100%. I didn’t export the mother/father records as they weren’t flagged (a method used to extract records from the total database). So, the kids weren’t attached to the parents. Not sure about the other few.

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