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    Might this be important enough to become a standard part of kiwitrees?

    To be honest, I really hope not. In my (personal) opinion it is a pointless bit of EU bureaucratic nonsense. I only put it on my site to see if a “pre-packaged” solution such as SilkTide’s would work. It does, so I’m happy we can leave it for those who feel they want it to install using the customisation tools already provided.

    If I have to spend all my available time developing solutions just for every regions differing bureaucracies I’m not sure I’d want to bother any more.

    What confuses most people about this and similar state legislation, in pretty much any country, is that they rarely, if ever, are required or enforced for non-commercial sites. (though if as some do you start adding Google Ads to your family history site, perhaps you are bordering on “commercial”).

    Frankly, in this day, anyone who uses the web and doesn’t know that 99.99% of sites use perfectly harmless* cookies probably shouldn’t be on the web at all. And just clicking a button that tells you a site uses them achieves nothing useful for anyone.

    (*… harmless as in non-3rd party cookies. 3rd party cookies can and should be blocked by your browser)

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