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    There are two ways to look at changes. There is the CHAN tag recorded in the GEDCOM data

    1 CHAN
    2 DATE 10 APR 2016
    3 TIME 11:03:35
    2 _WT_USER user-id

    Then there is the “_change” table in the database.where all changes are stored, with detail of exactly what was changed as well as by who, when etc.

    The problem with the CHAN tag is that it is a perpetual record in the GEDCOM file. That means you can import or append CHAN tags from other peoples GEDCOM files, and they can reference users that no longer exist, or have different IDs etc. Some sites also opt to not use the tag at all, or not to use them for admin-user changes.

    So it is preferable to use the database table.which overcomes those issues. It only records changes on your site by you and your users, and records ALL changes to the family tree data.

    BUT, it has one major issue (if you are not careful) in that you can empty the table either by choice (cleaning up storage perhaps) or by starting with a fresh install and importing (or even just re-importing) your GEDCOM file. I suspect this is where your problem arises. You are only able to see what is in your current database. Easily checked by looking at your database direct in mysql.

    (IMPORTANT NOTE – this is not a problem introduced by or in the new Changes resource report. It always existed in the Changes Report this replaced.)

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