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    There is more going on here.

    Not really, at least not in this case. Mac has been doing a lot of experimenting, and in her own words “I got over zealous for privacy and locked myself out.” She chose to set access for every menu option, even login, to logged in people only!

    Your case it different, and certainly related to your other error reports. I can’t reproduce any of them so can’t provide any help. I have completed a huge number of fresh installs and have NEVER had the issues you seem to. The only obvious difference I can see is that I have never used WAMPP. I have used XAMPP and AMPP, both very successfully though.

    I do however have two planned changes that might help:
    1 – I want to select a limited number of modules that are enabled automatically on initial set-up, and leave the rest for admins to choose or to ignore.
    2 – From this I can also then give each config page (menus, etc) a “reset” button to put it back to an “as initial set-up” state.

    No date for completing these yet though.

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