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    You’ve asked for two often contradictory changes there:

    …what about the suggestion of alphabetical as I’ve shown.


    Grouping like items together.”

    You can’t easily have both. Currently connected tags are grouped together (i.e. the date and place of any tag are always together. But beyond that they are all alphabetic, and adjusted for each language according to it’s translation of the tags. If you find a case where that is not true, let me know and I’ll investigate. The likelihood is that would be caused by something ‘different’ about the tags display name in your language of choice.

    Most of your red tags will be included if you add them to “All individual facts” as mentioned above. Note, it is only INDI facts that can be included. None of the others (FAM, SOUR, OBJE, NOTE and REPO) can be added or used in Advanced Search.

    You have included Death (date and place) unnecessarily as it is one of the core tags on that search page, so no need to put it in “additional facts as well.

    I suspect you are looking for Advanced Search to be far more than it is. In reality it is extremely limited in it’s scope (only INDI records, level 1 and 2, primarily just dates and places). To change this actually requires a total rethink of the way search works, and quite possibly replacing ALL the different search types (general, phonetic, advanced, and search/replace) with something that does them all and more. However, that’s not on my todo list, and not likely to be in the foreseeable future given it’s length already.

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