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    Yes, I suspected that would be the problem.

    Residence is a complex item because the GEDCOM specification allows it to be used in either family or individual records. That makes using it complex, and programming for it even harder.

    Also, the clipboard function can only work within it’s own control space. So copy / paste for indi to indii; or from fam to fam, but you can’t mix the two.

    When you enter any data to the family record it can / will only be displayed on the husband and wife pages (as well as the family page). This applies to residence, census etc. It would often be incorrect to automatically display such records on children, as they might not actually have been there for that particular event.

    So you have to think about who needs a copy of it before you enter the data.

    If it is only the husband and wife at the address, then you can certainly use the family record, but you don’t have to.
    If children are also living there you can do either:

    1. Enter the event on the family record (so displaying it for parents), then visit one of the parents. Copy to clipboard and visit each child to paste to their record.
    2. Enter the event to one of the parents as an individual, then copy / paste it to wife and children individually.

    I have used both, but find myself most often using 2. as it is much cleaner. But that’s a personal choice.

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