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    I don’t see that on your Royals site. If I go to Lists > Place Hierarchy I do see “Unknown”. But clicking on it goes to a valid page for the place “Unknown” with one coule listed as having married there: John DE LA POLE and Elisabeth PLANTAGENET.

    Worth noting that the place in the Place Hierarchy list I am seeing is “Unknown” with a capital “U”.

    If you have found a place called “unknown” (all lower case) this is more likely to be a completely missing place – with a structure like

    2 PLAC Somewhere, , Some country

    (note double commas where the missing place is.)
    These are easily found and corrected using Batch update > Search & Replace, setting the search type to “regular expression” and the search field as

    2 PLAC .*, , .*

    But where exactly are you finding this url “/placelist.php&ged=theroyals” ? Certainly that will cause an error, because as the error says, it has no place in it.
    A correctly formed URL would be “/placelist.php?parent%5B%5D=Unknown&ged=royals”

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