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    Sorry, but I’m just not understanding your problem at all.You should rarely ever need to directly edit the NAME records that your image points to.

    Just enter the surname(s) into the surname boxes and click enter. The NAME entry is set automatically from that using the surname entered and the existing given/first name(s).. It certainly works on all my systems, including an original copy of kt 3.2.0, one with all recent modifications, and my almost-ready-for release 3.2.1 version.

    The only other thing I can think of is some unexpected javascript conflict on your site. Is this your personal site or the ‘sand box’? I’d like to try for myself.

    But if you are not using the “calculated name” (created as described above), but instead clicking the manual edit icon (at the arrows on your image) then no, it will not automatically add the given names. If you need to manually set the full name, then I assume you do not want to create the same result the automated version will. so it would be wrong to force the existing names into the entry. You must in this case also manually type the “/” characters round the surname.

    But I am guessing, so otherwise you will need to give me detailed step-by-step explanation for the problem so I can understand better.

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