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    Wim. Lots of questions, and on one of the more complex subjects ๐Ÿ™‚

    First, some short answers to short questions:

    Is what Iโ€™m doing, not possible?

    No, it should be possible – perhaps. It depends on the behaviour of your offline software.

    Or is it better to add the media only in kiwitrees or ftp and import a gedcom with media links?

    It should not be. That will quickly become annoying, I’m sure.

    What happens if I import a gedcom with no media links?

    The you will have no media links any more in kiwitrees. When you import a GEDCOM it completely replaces whatever was there before.

    Before I launch into a long and complicated explanation of how media is managed in kiwitrees I would like to get some more background from you. So my turn for some questions.

    1. Is this import a once-only thing to start your kiwitrees site, or is it something you expect to do often / regularly?
    2. If the answer is “often / regularly”, why? For what purpose? Have you considered alternative choices?
    3. What is the structure of the media links in your imported GEDCOM file? An example would help.
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