• #5957

    Excellent, yes that’s exactly what I needed. Problem solved – and a BIG red face from me :-((((

    The problem here, and also the problem Roy reported ( are both connected to the same file “/includes/functions/functions_edit.php.

    That in turn is connected to this topic: where I included a fix in the form of a replacement for that file.

    BUT I included the WRONG FILE 🙁 I actually included a 3.1.1 version (fixed for the marriage TYPE issue) instead of the 3.2.0 version with same fix. Caused by too many files of the same name open at the same time (see I AM human……) That broke many issues, most which you haven’t yet even noticed) in the new edit tabs. I of course had only the correct file in all my systems, hence why I couldn’t reproduce your issues.

    Please now go to the original topic ( ) and re-download the fix from there. I have just replaced the attachment with a very carefully tested correct file. I don’t want to confuse things by putting copies anywhere else.

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