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    I’ve tried a simple experiment. See if it is close or at least close enough to what you want.

    Go to my personal site; select Help from the main menu; then click on “Privacy, Copyright & Cookies”.

    There you should see a second level of FAQs.

    That would do! Actually it can cover my needs 🙂

    Yes I know that most users do not spending time making FAQ. But since I made this “danish user group” it helps me to have some kind of FAQ. It keeps me away from keep typing the same again and again 😛

    How did you do it? (you know – you give me a bit and I want it all :P) In danish we say: If I get a finger then I want all the arm

    Regards, Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of a user customized version of kiwitrees (contains 3 family trees)