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    If kiwi trees is happy, will leave the names for now. ya, ugly on charts and the family navigator is unbelievable! I have the gigabytes report that notes the “offending” lines of code so can re-visit later.

    No major faults, a lot of date ranges where NOVEMBER doesn’t abbreviate to NOV (from 1 November 2015 to 1 November 2016) like other months. Quite a few cases of putting text inside the ADDR/CAUS fields. While it’s being flagged as limitation, it’s good chance to move it, I didn’t want it there.

    Been with Dreamhost going on 16 years this week. I know it’s shared servers and limits therefore are placed but I’m happy with them. I also keep other stuff with them and know with the unlimited plan (bonus) I have, don’t have to constantly do housekeeping. I’m not sure I’m seeing the correlation between the freezing of going to Family tab and being on Dreamhost. Especially since it’s not all records and I cannot predict which one will fail when I click the tab. Like playing Russian roulette.

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    Alter-Drukarsh connections | The Garelick: 3.3.11b - PHP 8.0 FastCGI - mySQL 8.