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    What do I do with those?

    I think you have two choices:

    1. Ignore the GEDCOM limitation, Kiwitrees will still accept and try to display them – but unless you change the css for name displays (shrink the font sizes) they will look pretty ugly, especially on charts etc.
    2. Don’t put them all in as names, just put the ones most often seen. Put the rest in a note or a source text.

    I would do the latter myself.

    I’m going to create new hostname, new table, new subdomain. I’m trying to find what is causing the freezes when clicking on Family tab. It’s happened before in both trees and I’m stumped. So it’s easy with this tree to start over.

    Whilst I have no great expertise in server issues, I do know that cheap(er) general purpose server installs often feel it is necessary to apply a whole range of settings to “protect” naive users. (Actually it is usually either poor server-manager knowledge and / or self-protection by them). They are great for simple web sites or basic wordpress/joomla sites. But kiwitrees / webtrees contain a lot of extremely complex code with very different requirements to blogs etc. That’s why I invented kiwitrees hosting.

    At kiwitrees, although I don’t run my own servers, I employ a team that understands what I need and is able to accommodate that. Its not cheap, but quality and specialisation never is. So I wish you luck, but honestly doubt if Dreamhost or any similar general purpose host is up to the job.

    My personal kiwitrees site is