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    Ah, yes, non-standard _MARR hence no prefix makes sense now that you write it.

    On that subject I wonder of we are talking at cross-purposes.

    If you enter the man’s name using the surname prefix, and his surname as “Bourbon”, and let the NAME part set itself automatically, it produces GEDCOM like:

    1 NAME John /de Bourbon/
    2 GIVN John
    2 SPFX de
    2 SURN Bourbon

    When you then add a wife, the system will automatically set her married surname (on screen) to “de Bourbon”, and her GEDCOM will be:

    1 NAME Mary /Smith/
    2 GIVN Mary
    2 SURN Smith
    2 _MARNM Mary /de Osborne/

    I’ve just tested this so I know its true 🙂

    (ps – sorry for any confusion cause by me using “_MARR” in my earlier reply. You can see I’ve now corrected it.)

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