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    I do agree they don’t load as fast as the pop-ups. That’s to be expected. After all, they do include the full header / navigation / footer etc like any other page, which is a lot of code.

    This must be the biggest reason, I’d think. I’m doing editing so constantly opening the tabs. (As oppose to just viewing the site.) The detail is kept to basic info on the person unless something catches my eye. Feel that because I’ve use Wikipedia for the most part, people can easily view the entirety if they wish.
    The icons — doubt they add that much to the overhead. They’re the same I used in Xenea.
    Media — the images are PNG unless I forgot to convert. They are the “thumbnails from Wikipedia, the image shown on the page before clicking to see full size.

    Don’t understand the comments it makes about using CDN server. My host is in LA, not sure how I’ld separate or why. In fact, their own Wiki says to make sure everything is on the same server (of theirs).

    My host does mention optimizing the tables which I tried, following the instructions they give. However, the attempt didn’t work as it said my tables couldn’t be optimized (don’t have exact wording handy.) <When reporting slowness, they refer to an article on steps to take in effort to speed up @ <;

    I’ll contact host tomorrow and see if they can elaborate. But, this definitely happened after upgrade. Not sure if I can replicate usage in my other site which is at 3.1.1 until I’m comfortable.

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