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    And what sort of results did you get.?

    I just tried Q4050 and there’s nothing so bad on the report that it would cause “drastic slowness“. In fact the most significant issues there need to be addressed on the server.

    1 – Use gzip to compress assets (must be set up by your web host)

    2 – Leverage browser caching. That means store javascript files and images in the server cache for fixe dlength of time. Needs web host to implement

    2 – Use a CDN Server to access javascript and some code. For that you need to use a CDN Server such as Amazon. Additional cost and complexity. You can however call a couple of kiwitrees major javascript files from external servers by a simple change of ‘false’ to true in the file /includes/session.php. It should save you 10-20 ms (milliseconds)

    An interesting chart on that report is the “Waterfall chart” It shows you how long each part of the page takes.

    Longest is individual.php – Q4050 has images and a lot of detail, so no easy way to improve that.
    Next is the Facts and Events tab (personal facts module). You could disable that module and save 270ms – but you’d lose a lot of data!
    Third is thumbnail for image M1982. You could possibly work on that image to make it load faster in paintshop or something. Or remove all media objects for a significant speed boost. 🙂
    Using a theme without icons is another good way to speed things up, and using the event icons does add to the slowness.

    Sadly, in reality, none of that is going to make even 0.5 seconds difference in the page load, which on Q4050 I found was about 1 second, which is not bad for the individual pages.

    What would really be helpful is if your web host could be more specific about what they see as causing the high CPU usage.

    I think that in reality the issue is more one of not being used to the new tabbed edit screens. I do agree they don’t load as fast as the pop-ups. That’s to be expected. After all, they do include the full header / navigation / footer etc like any other page, which is a lot of code.

    I could fairly easily remove those and leave a “cleaner page” (like the pop-ups but bigger) but I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. What does anyone else think?

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