• #5861

    That looks like you have a weird editor that wraps long lines, and then changes the line numbering so each part of the wrapped line appears to have a new line number.

    For example the code:

    #searchAccordion-indi,#searchAccordion-fam,#searchAccordion-source,#searchAccordion-note {margin:auto;width:99%;}

    is really only a single line, but according to your image it is on lines 1369 AND 1370.

    In that case I don’t know what line number you would need, as it will depend where exactly each line is wrapped. What an odd system.

    Any way, look for this area of code:

    /* Icons */
    [class^=”icon-“],[class*=” icon-“] {display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle;background-repeat:no-repeat;}
    .icon-add                  {width:14px;height:15px;background-image:url(../images/add.png);}

    and remove the row of “====”

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