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    OK, I’ve now had a chance for a quick brain-refresher in the office ๐Ÿ™‚

    There is a change in 3.2.0, but it won’t help in your case. NCHI is now included in Advanced Search for NEW trees. We never over-write your existing preferences.

    To be included in Advanced Search NCHI must be on the list of “All individual facts” that is on Administration > Family trees > your family tree > Edit Options tab > All individual facts.
    (Note: it must be in the list of INDIVIDUAL facts, not Family, though it can be on both.).

    That is the case with a new tree (unless you remove it), but not necessarily existing trees.

    All of the Advanced search is based on individuals, not families, hence the need for it to be in that list. There are “family facts” available in Advanced search, but only those that are linked to the family from the individual record.

    NCHI is one of a few facts (RESI is another) that can exist in EITHER FAM or INDI records. But they are not linked. You can have “2 NCHI 16” under an INDI, but “2 NCHI 10” under his FAMS record!

    This of course allows for NCHI to reflect the number of children of the person across however many marriages he/she had.

    But, to re-iterate, Advanced search will only find NCHI when connected to an INDI record.

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