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    Should I be changing to quotes?

    Short answer: no, definitely not.

    The searching issue the webtrees user raised is simply due to his incorrect use of the asterisk. He was putting it in the middle of a name (Phil*lip) to indicate the nickname “Phil”. That is wrong, and yes it will make searching hard.

    There is also confusion, I think, over what constitutes a nickname, and the purpose of the asterisk vs quotes. They are not alternatives for the same purpose. They are quite different.

    The asterisk defines the name a person is “usually known by”. It should be placed at the end of that name. My own mother is a good example. Her birth was registered as Barbara Joyce /Osborne/. But throughout her life she was called Joyce. So I have noted this by entering it as Barbara Joyce* /Osborne/. This results in a display like Barbara Joyce Osborne.
    Joyce in this case is not a nickname.

    A nickname is an alternative name, usually either something completely different to any given names, or an abbreviation of one. So “Fred” might be a nickname for Frederick, or “chubby” might be the nickname of a “larger” individual. These can be entered in GEDCOM in either of two ways:
    1 – add the nickname with quotes round it (Frederick “Fred” /Smith/)
    2 – use the NICK tag
    1 NAME Frederick /Smith/
    2 GIVN Frederick
    2 SURN Smith
    2 NICK Fred
    In both the options the main name display will by Frederick “Fred” Smith.
    But only by using NICK will you also see the separate information “Nickname : Fred” as well.

    My (personal) preference is to only use the NICK tag for nicknames. I think it is easier to use, and easier for readers to understand.

    But most importantly don’t confuse the asterisk and the quotes. They are not for the same purpose.

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