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    Of course, if Nigels’s thoughts about replacing pop-up windows were to be implemented, the problem would go away. The only alternatives that I can see, if MS don’t change Edge, are either for kiwitrees users to avoid Edge, or for the ‘Save’ button in the kiwitrees pop-up window to be shifted to the right and grouped with ‘Check’ and ‘Close’.

    Well, I decided over the Christmas break that MS had probably fixed enough of the Windows 10 bugs now, so I could risk going through the upgrade process. To be fair, I did upgrade one inconsequential machine a couple of months ago and tested my mission-critical development tools on that.

    Not being a great fan of MS it pains me to report that all went amazingly smoothly! Apart from the long download, the upgrade took only an hour or so. I’m now up and running again with everything exactly as I like it. No issues (that I know of so far) of any concern.

    As Ron said, the MS Edge problem of the status bar obscuring the Save button is a non-issue on the new full-page / tab edit screens.

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