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    Problems there are:

    • Using EVENTs means kiwitrees doesn’t know what they are. So it cannot sort them into their “natural”order. If, for example, you used the proper tag for ‘number of children” it woulld know what that means. but can’t if you use
      1 EVEN 0 Sophia Hedwig
      2 TYPE Number of Children
      2 DATE FROM 27 MAY 1709 TO 1710

      it has no idea what the tag means.

    • Using just a year (“1710”) whether on it’s own or as part of a FROM TO set means, to KT, “sometime between 1 JAN 1710 and 31 DEC 1710”. This means your “Number of children” event overlaps with the equally vague 1710 divorce date. In overlapping cases it is the first that has a defined ‘natural’ order that will be displayed first. The way you have it currently at least one of those children could have been born later in 1710 than the date of the divorce.
    • You have a lot of EVENT tags for both Sophia and Christine. With that many surely it would have been quicker to add them as individuals then use the correct (and therefore a little more interpretable) tags? “Right first time” is always quicker in the long run than “right for now” 🙂
    • In general it helps to have dates as specific as possible if you want to manage their chronological placement, especially with non-standard tags. Try making that divorce “BEF 01 JAN 1711”; and the number of children “BET 27 MAY 1709 AND 30 DEC 1710”
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