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    That’s a seemingly simple question that I’m afraid needs a very complex answer.

    It depends on a number of important factors:

    1. Is the GEDCOM data for those dates correct? You’ve quoted (I assume) display dates, which will be only kiwitrees best representation of the actually recorded date. For example:
      “2 DATE FROM JUL 1918 TO SEP 1918” would be valid;
      “2 DATE FROM JUL TO SEP 1918” would not.
      “from January 1, 2015 to January 1, 2016” definitely isn’t a valid GEDCOM date either, but if entered like that kiwtrees would / should have converted it.
    2. What are the relevant events attached to these dates? As well as looking at dates kiwitrees sorts events into their “natural” order if it can. This ensures the birth always comes before baptism, marriage, death etc, and so on.
    3. In most cases approximations such as BET/AND or FROM/TO are calculated for the mid-point between the two dates. This doesn’t seem immediately accurate in every case, but equally setting the calculation to either end often results in an incorrect display as well. By their very definition, all this type of date is an estimate, so it has been agreed (for 10+ years) that the mid-point is the safest.

    To be more specific I would need the GEDCOM data for the record in question, so I can load it locally and see what might be impacting on the “perceived” logic.

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