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    And if it works the other way for you, I assume that means it’s not broken so not major concern.

    Still a concern for me though. If it doesn’t work for any one person (and we’ve eliminated user error), it’s broken. However, perhaps it’s time to get rid of it throughout the system rather than fix it. It is a bit 1990’s 🙂

    As for “A” over “I” – I’ve always used right from the very start. “I” isn’t good as it is too close to the number 1 and easily mistaken for that. Even for my Royals, I changed to “Q”.

    Perfectly logical. I often think I should do the same, but I so rarely use those xref’s now it matters less and less to me.

    Main objective is to add individuals (a feature I didn’t know was added, as I had stories off for a long time).

    Glad you found it. In case you also missed it, you can add multiple stories to one individual as well as multiple individuals to one story (and mix both if you really need to!)
    There’s also a very nice addition to the story edit menu (second to last icon, middle row) that automates the addition of “proper” footnotes in each story if you are into a more technical / academic writing style. I have one client who requested that and uses it extensively. He also has two or three different language versions of each of his stories, so making really good use of the feature.

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