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    I believe in keeping things simple and not fixing if not broken. That is especially true of your current effort to provide alternative choices to the user and replacement of the report system. I applaud those efforts but hope they are considered an interim methodology. Please don’t let them become the end to end all. Your published “long term wish list” of producing a simple data list of user defined records that the user could then format as desired should always be kept in mind.

    On that note, I disagree with adding the DOB, moving the user name, and messing with the date in the resource_todo module. Also, the print function might be nice to give a clean printed listing but is it really necessary. The members in the families I track also have many names in common but adding a DOB would just add an unnecessary distraction and not a clarification. If there is any question about who the individual is, simply click on the name and look. Why move the user name; the only purpose that I can see is served by the current ability to sort the columns. The date listing has already been addressed.


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