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    Another observation: Research tasks dates are manually set and therefore do not reflect date of actual change, necessarily. So I’m not always sure if I look at my June 18, 2015 task, is it really that old or did I forget to manually update it when I modified info after that date? Know it’s not totally within scope of this page, but if date is being shown (as it was within widget or home page), then maybe it can be addressed too.

    That date is whatever you set it to be when you create the task. It’s outside my control. Some people use it as a “when I need to do this by” date; others as a “this is when I loaded this todo item” date. I guess we could add a second date that is auto-filled as “date created”, but that wouldn’t be backwards-compatible, so might cause problems for some users. So I’m inclined to leave well alone.

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