• #5523

    Would move Username to last column.

    Yes, probably a good idea (although all existing versions are the same as this one).

    My preference would be 01 Nov 2015 instead of November 1, 2015. Same for Recent changes.

    Dates, as throughout kiwitrees are controlled by you language settings.

    Maybe, like Recent changes, add DOB-DOD dates so if there’s more than one person with same name (lots of my Royals have that), can differentiate between them.

    Yes, I can probably do that.

    Wouldn’t mind knowing how many items I have in total, or line count (both modules).

    It’s already there 🙂 Look at the (near) top of the table. It says something like “Showing 1 to 20 of 652” So you have 652 changes. 961 on your todo list.

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