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    Recent changes module starting range in field is “November 1, 2015” but when I use drop down to change, it’s set to 31 Dec 0.

    End date field November 21, 2015 but drop down set to 31 December 1920.

    Yes, that area still needs to be fixed before release.

    Not quite sure what sort is used for “Record” but again, might be too soon for that.

    It’s sorted by the stored “sort name” which is a surname, given name combination (e.g. SMITH, John sorted as “S”). So generally it is by surname (the male surname for the family records – BROWN, John and JONES, Mary sorted as “B”). This has always been the case for “recent changes” displays whether block, widget, or reports.

    Contrary to what you say about printing, it should be within program, not browser to just print content, not the page itself, and maybe margins (not sure) and probably pagination.

    I partly agree. CSS rules will ensure it is only the content that is printed (css @media print tags), already used in many places in kiwitrees. These will remove header / footer areas etc from the printed output. But pagination, margins etc are controlled by the browser and / or your printer, paper size etc…. Trying to do those in the programme are the main reason existing reports are such a mess. It’s simply not practical / realistic to try for content as variable as ours.

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