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    Thanks, that’s a great help. Item 2 (and associated item 4) are my main concern.

    I’m trying to accommodate both options (date ranges and number of days). The latter is used on the current report version; the former on the block / widget version.
    The default date ranges when you first open the page are the earliest and latest change dates you have in the database (table xx_change).
    I’ve coded it to ignore the dates if you enter a number of days. But if you then want to revert to using dates you need to empty the number of days field at the same time.

    I did consider adding a comment between them like “or latest” but that can make translations difficult. I try in general to avoid translating part-sentences as in some languages they no longer make any sense. A graphical separation would be better, but I can’t think of one. Any suggestions welcome. I’ve attached some screen dumps for others reading this who can’t (yet) see a working copy.

    Further comments on other items in red…..

    1. Initially the option calendars open below the available page size; needs more space. Can you give me a screen shot. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “below the available page size;”

    3. The option calendars do not have a save button and it is necessary to click on a day to close. That happens even when only changing a month and/or editing the year. Interesting. That’s true everywhere the calendar pop-up is used. I’m guessing you (like me) rarely use them. The trick is simply to click/press ‘enter” on your keyboard.

    5. I could not reproduce it but at one point I had tried several different listing options and the number of days at the top of the actual listing were cumulative indicating the total days of each of the options I had tried. The actual information in the list was correct for the last option set that I had tried. I suspect that is also a cache issue. Shouldn’t be caching, but then it shouldn’t be happening at all. But I can’t reproduce it either. If it happens again try to send me a screen dump.

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