• #5499


    The resource_changes module will be an excellent alternative for the widget and replacement for the report (with a print button).

    I found it necessary to clear the server and browser caches to get the two menu items to play together. Before doing so the menu would disappear with both items listed. Only one at a time could be listed.

    A couple of things about the resource-changes module:
    1. Initially the option calendars open below the available page size; needs more space.
    2. It is a bit confusing having both the beginning and ending date option plus the last number of days option. Perhaps a comment between them to the effect “or latest”. If only one option is provided, the latest number of days would be best for me. However, the majority of users would probably prefer the beginning and ending date option.
    3. The option calendars do not have a save button and it is necessary to click on a day to close. That happens even when only changing a month and/or editing the year.
    4. After clicking on show, the option calendar boxes usually revert back to today’s date as do the dates on the top of the actual listing. The number of days shown is correct, however. The actual listing is also correct.
    5. I could not reproduce it but at one point I had tried several different listing options and the number of days at the top of the actual listing were cumulative indicating the total days of each of the options I had tried. The actual information in the list was correct for the last option set that I had tried. I suspect that is also a cache issue.

    Another great feature!


    Apache 2.4.27  PHP 7.19 MariaDB 10.2.8