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    Attached is a new module that (I hope) does what you need. It’s not in a fully finished state but works well enough for now. It does need adding to the ‘Extra menus” menu as you suggested. Later I aim to include it in a new “Resources menu group.
    Installation as follows:

    1. Unzip it to the modules_v3 folder like any other module
    2. Go to Administration > Modules > Manage modules and enable it
    3. Go to Administration > Modules > Menus set your preferred access level and save.
    4. Go to your Extra menus config ( Administration > Tools > Extra menus and add a new menu item with the url “module.php?mod=resource_todo&mod_action=show”

    The only major item I haven’t included for now is a configuration page, so the ‘normal’ three configurations are hard-coded for now. If you want to change them they are in lines 76-80 of module.php. Currently all set to ‘true’ (i.e. ‘yes’):

    //Configuration settings ===== //
    $show_unassigned = true; // Show research tasks that are not assigned to any user
    $show_other = true; // Show research tasks that are assigned to other users
    $show_future = true; // Show research tasks that have a date in the future
    // ============================ //

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