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    Since a widget cannot be scrolled, my Research Tasks module has become too large to be comfortably shown as a widget. I would like to move that info to a Resource page or a separate file under the Extra-menus module. I haven’t been successful in coding what is necessary to pull the info over. If you have time, would you please post that info?

    On occasion, the Recent Changes module also becomes too large as a widget. I don’t want it on the home page but the respective report provides a satisfactory work-a-round.

    That’s a very interesting idea, and triggers a possible solution to mental issue bugging me for a while.

    I want to start replacing all the existing Reports menu items with better alternatives. But the way the current reports are designed make it harder to mix new with old. So ideally I need a new main menu item for the “new” reports while phasing out the old. It’s too much work to simply switch from old to new in one go.

    Your use of the term “Resources” might just be the answer. Similar enough to “Reports” to be compatible, but different enough to fit side by side at least until the Reports set become redundant, and easily implemented quite quickly.

    Adding “resource” page versions of (some) widgets seems like a reasonable direction to go too. (@Mac – note “adding” not “replacing”, thus giving more choice).

    I will definitely look closely at this. I’ll see if I can do something with research tasks along these lines next week as an initial trial.

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