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    Yet what tables need to be cleaned? that the site worked faster

    Cleaning the tables that can be cleaned will not make the site work faster. They are not ones used to display most pages.

    Tables like site_access are rarely accessed so make no difference to normal use. slow site is more likely to be caused by lots of access to external resources (Google analytics, and any other similar add-ons). But you can test page loading speed with browser tools to find out what exactly makes your pages slow.

    But it is still good to clean some tables a few times each year, just to avoid problems like today. So three other tables that grow are
    xx_site_logs. Clean this in Administration > Site administration > Logs
    xx_site_changes. Clean this in Administration > Site administration > Logs; and Administration > Family tree tools > Changes log.
    xx_gedcom_chunk. This is only used during GEDCOM import. So once import is done, this table can be emptied. You need to do this directly on the table.

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