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    I found a local backup of my previous SQL file from Feb 2015. Did search in text editor for ‘setting name’ = ‘story_body’ and didn’t find. I tried one other that may have been webtrees and didn’t see that line. (My recollection is the stories started in webtrees. Maybe I never brought them over. Oh well. I see your plans include CKEditor, not the nicest to play with. So, maybe I’ll try again then, whenever that is 🙂

    Amusing notation in my history log: 2012 Jan 12 >testing has started to move over to webtrees, hopefully making it more user-friendly (its application is an offshoot of PGV).
    And if I was to add a postscript 2015 that as we reach Jan 2016, am very content with kiwitrees and it is user-friendly.

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