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    I do export my GEDCOMs locally. From day 1 (PGV) I’ve been doing that.

    As managing within your GB limits is clearly a vital consideration I would definitely recommend you stop wasting time and space on this exercise. If you’ve got a safe backup of your database, then you have all your GEDCOM data AND it’s guaranteed to be up-to-date; plus it includes all the data not part of GEDCOM (Stories, FAQs, module contents and settings, user details, logs, change history, and much more …….)

    If you ever need a GEDCOM file, even without internet access you could quickly create a local copy of kiwitrees using Xampp/Wampp/Ampp or similar, import your backup database, and export a GEDCOM file from it.

    By the way, the only other important part of the system that the DB backup AND GEDCOM don’t do is media. You do need to keep a separate backup of all media files, especially if other users can upload media to your site as you won’t have them locally yourself.

    (ps – I’ve extended this conversation not specifically targeted at you but to give some general thoughts to any one else who might read these pages).

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