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    My search didn’t show such file …

    Sorry – I gave you the wrong table name (not a ‘file’ though). I’ve just corrected my previous message.

    I should have done copy backup at some point but never did.

    I’m sure you’re not alone 🙁

    Many people think to backup their files, but in truth that’s the least important. Unless you have code-hacks you need to keep it’s always easy to just replace the software with a fresh copy. It’s not even important to backup a GEDCOM file, and totally pointless if you don’t re-export it on a regular basis. I actually encourage clients to never even keep a copy of that on the server. It’s an unnecessary risk.

    What you MUST backup regularly is your database. You should be able to run a backup or export of that from within PhpMyAdmin / cPanel or whatever DB tool your web host supply in moments. I do mine at least once per month, but if I’m busy updating then far more frequently. I’ve got a folder of DB backups locally (and in the cloud) going back nearly ten years!

    You should also check if your web host does regular backups of your site. They should, and they should be able to recover them easily.

    There’s a simple “Murphy’s law” for backups:
    “If you always do backups you will never need them. If you never do one, you will always need it!”

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