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    OK, so you mean the USA 1870 template.

    You have misunderstood the purpose of the templates.

    They are to allow you to add your own formatted transcription of the original census page, not a transcription of someone else’s transcription (due to potential doubling of transcription errors).

    The column you refer to is col. 13 on the original census page. It’s correct text describing it, at the top of the page, says:
    “If born within this year, which month (Jan, Feb, etc)” or words to that effect. So you would very rarely use this column, except for children under 1 yr old. The original page has nowhere to record date of birth otherwise; just age at last birthday in years.

    The next column is similar but for date married “If married within this year, which month (Jan, Feb, etc)”

    If you just want to use Ancestry’s transcription (and I often do for other types of data) just copy / paste it into a ‘normal’ blank shared (or simple) note rather than the Census Assistant modified shared note.

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